Wings of Hope

'Wings of Hope' was a group exhibition in Dhaka showcasing the artwork of 36 survivors of the Rana Plaza tragedy and 8 artists from ShaKo (Women Artist's Association of Bangladesh). The exhibition took place at the Bengal Art Lounge in Dhaka between the 21st and 24th of April 2016 and was not only a tribute to the Rana Plaza survivors, but also a celebration of women's empowerment.

The 'Wings of Hope' exhibition was jointly inaugurated by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Founder and Chair of BRAC, along with special guests Sultana Kamal, Chairperson of Transparency International Bangladesh, and Danish Ambassador Hanne Fugl. The show featured sculptures the women designed at Meena's 'Sculptures of Survival' art therapy workshop in March.

The participants were guided through the creative process by Kirsten Fugl, an art educator from Denmark, along with SHaKo representatives. The moulds the women created were cast into metal at the Dhamrai Metal Crafts workshop using the traditional 'lost-wax' technique. Each sculpture is unique, expressing each individual's particular story and their hopes for the future.

Many of the sculptures went during the exhibition, with even the Bangladeshi Prime Minster buying one of our women's sculptures. We are very grateful for her support. Anyone interested in obtaining one of the sculptures left over from the 'Wings of Hope' exhibition can do so by making a donation. The proceeds from the exhibition go towards helping the Rana Plaza survivors set up a business that will enable them to generate their own income and regain their independence.

Meena e.V. would like to thank everyone who came together in order to make the project happen including: the Embassies of the Nordic countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden, ShaKo – Women Artist Association of Bangladesh, Dhamrai Metal Crafts, Arjo Cholochitro Foundation, and Bengal Art Lounge.

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