Mother's Recreation Day

Many of the former garment factory workers who were rescued from Rana Plaza building collapse are afraid of returning to work in high-rise buildings. They often have spinal cord injuries, trouble concentrating or painful migraines which makes working for longer periods almost impossible. These women are struggling and need support to maintain a safe and healthy environment for their newborn babies.

In most instances, the women need a lot of encouragement to talk about the difficult issues they are faced with or are experiencing. Often these women are unable to talk about health, financial or family issues in public, leaving the young mothers with an immense burden to bear alone.

As part of the recovery process, these women need the opportunity to regularly come together to socialise, unwind, relax and share their experiences as part of a group.

In an effort to support them, Mean regularly holds a Mothers Recreation Day for the 35 young mothers on the Meena programme. Our team prepares a schedule full of activities full of arts, crafts and exercises aimed at fostering a creative and fun atmosphere for the mothers and their children. The women all have toddlers the same age and have experienced very similar life challenges. Here they are encouraged to share their experiences with each other and learn from each other.