Project history

Rana Plaza

Working for the reduction in suffering and negative consequences for those affected by the collapse of the Rana Plaza building complex on 24 April 2013, in Savar, Bangladesh.


Provide support for Rana Plaza survivors and their dependents, including bridging assistance and essential aid to the most vulnerable for a limited period, with a focus on recovery and reintegration.

2015 - present

Long term - Rehabilitation


Medium term impact - Stabilisation period

  • Financial support for young mothers (pregnant at the time of the collapse)
  • Organised medical camps for survivors
  • Supplementary food for young mothers
  • Health insurance cards (one year) for selected young mothers and their dependants
  • Financial support to orphans for food and education
  • Psycho-social counselling
  • Recreation days for the orphans
  • Recreation days for the young mothers and families
  • Recreation days for traumatised victims
2013 - 2014

Short term impact – Urgency period

  • Financial support for hospital surgery and treatment of severly injured workers
  • Immediate in- and outpatient care
  • Organisation of medical camps
  • Distribution of clothes - winter/summer
  • Physiotherapy sessions organized and sponsored for the victims